Fast Action Doors

Whether you operate in manufacturing, logistics, food processing or any other industry, our Fast Action Doors offer a superior solution for many applications.

Ensure safety whilst reducing maintenance costs with our fast action, high speed industrial doors.

Specifically designed to reduce maintenance and repair costs usually associated with operating high speed doors, our range of fast action door solutions are guaranteed to improve efficiency of your plant whilst offering unparalleled safety. Our range includes external, internal, hygienic, freezer and self-repairing doors to accommodate a diverse range of industrial applications.

Fast action door applications:

External doors

Allow high-speed vehicle access whilst protecting your premises.

Internal doors

Increase energy efficiency and reduce noise with fast action internal doors.

Hygienic doors (stainless steel options)

Specifically designed to ensure optimal hygiene for those operating in the food industry.

Freezer/cold-store doors

Ensure your doors operate efficiently and reliably in temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius.

External Fast Action Doors

External fast action doors will immediately reseal your premises whilst allowing high-speed access.

Our range of external fast action doors are designed to combat adverse weather conditions, protect your premises and ensure personnel safety. Specifically designed to resist strong winds of up to 160kph, extreme temperatures and downpours, our robust and durable range of external doors are an excellent choice for premises that need to allow for rapid vehicle access whilst protecting equipment and goods from outside elements.

Their ability to withstand impacts from heavy goods handling equipment and forklifts ensures they’re a suitable solution for industrial and manufacturing plants alike. Our diverse range of specifications ensures that your requirements for entrance size and level of wind resistance are catered for.

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Key Features

100% Safe

No moving solid parts ensure absolute safety for both personnel and mobile traffic operating in busy access areas.


When the door is impacted by traffic the door automatically resets and is ready for action.

Sealing, Hygiene and Speed

Fully automatic operation with excellent sealing properties.

Bottom Profile
Wind resistant

The external fast action door has been designed to resist winds of up to 160 kph whilst still accepting impacts from forklifts and mobile traffic.

Fast Action Door

Internal High Speed Doors

Internal high speed doors ensure rapid access and movement throughout your site whilst improving energy efficiency and reducing noise.

Specifically designed to operate inside manufacturing and industrial facilities where exposure to external elements is not necessary, this range encompasses various high speed doors offering different specifications, which can be selected according to your requirements for opening height and width.

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Hygienic Fast Action Doors

Hygienic fast action doors are crucial for maintaining superior hygiene standards whilst allowing for rapid personnel access.

Designed specifically for applications within the food industry, stainless steel doors offer an outstanding degree of hygiene, are extremely durable and able to withstand even the most demanding and frequent cleaning requirements. We offer full stainless steel fast action doors which include frames, barrel covered and control panels for the most efficient hygiene doors around.

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Freezer & Cold Store Doors

Rapid action freezer doors are integral to the smooth operation of industrial processes that need to operate at cold temperatures.

Our freezer and cold store doors are specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures and maintain optimal performance. Proven to operate reliably and effectively at temperatures down to -30 degrees celsius, they are suitable for various applications across a diverse range of industries where cool temperatures are essential.

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Key Features:

Fast Action Doors offer a range of features and benefits that we explain the four video demonstrations below. Click the play button on each to play.

Self Repairing

Our fast action doors have a unique self-repairing capability. There is no solid bottom beam in the door curtain or solid moving parts, ensuring that when the door is impacted by traffic such as forklifts the door automatically resets and is ready for action.


100% Safe

There are absolutely no moving solid components within the curtain to inflict potentially-serious injuries. Our Fast Action door is 100% safe and human-friendly.

Sealing, Hygiene and Speed

Operating speeds of up to 2.4 metres per second ensure Fast Action Doors re-seal busy factory entrances immediately.

The Cheshire Industrial Doors Fast Action door has been designed with the food industry in mind. This range of doors offer an unbeatable degree of hygiene and are designed to withstand frequent and stringent cleaning regimes. Full stainless steel options are available, including frames, barrel covers and control panels.

Wind Resistant

The external Fast Action door has been designed to resist winds of up to 160 kph, whilst still accepting impacts from forklifts and mobile traffic.

Various specifications are available according to wind-resistance required and size of opening.