The Finest Quality Perimeter Security Systems

Thu, Dec 1, 2022


Need to protect the outdoor areas of your business?

Cheshire Industrial Doors Ltd has a diverse range of solutions for perimeter security. Our specialist designers can create the ideal system for your site.

Perimeter protection systems are well-known for being highly effective and will act as the first line of defence if anybody attempts a break-in. Our perimeter security systems include:

  • Automatic barriers which are ideal for the entrances for restricted areas. They’re not only great for security but serve as traffic calming measures.
  • Height restriction barriers which are a highly cost-effective solution for the perimeter of your site. They’re designed to stop the entry of unauthorised vehicles, along with car parking and traffic management.
  • Manual barriers which manually control access to areas.
  • Automatic bollards which are simple yet effective. Bollards are installed into the ground and brought level with the road surface. These are controlled by a small control panel, which has integrated safety features.
  • Surface Direction Flow Plates which are excellent for controlling one-way traffic.
  • Sunken Directive Flow Plates designed to encourage a mono-directional flow of traffic.
  • Folding Gates which are the ideal choice if you need high levels of security.
  • Sliding Gates, Turnstiles and Pedestrian Gates.

Find out more about our perimeter security systems or simply get in touch today.