Industrial Doors For Hospitals & Healthcare

Tue, Aug 15, 2023


Safety, hygiene and security are absolutely paramount within the healthcare industry.

When it comes to hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare premises, it’s crucial that the time is taken to choose the most appropriate door, depending on the application. Whether you’re looking for doors to allow for fast access by emergency personnel, fire resistant doors to reduce fire hazards or ventilated doors for bin stores, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to ensure that you make the best, most informed decisions.

The importance of doors in healthcare environments

Doors play a crucial role in achieving the safety and security standards necessary for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Naturally, the priorities for healthcare doors vary greatly depending on the nature of the facility but more often than not, contamination control, Equality Act compliance and safety are the most important factors to take into account. At Cheshire Industrial Doors, we offer a wide range of commercial doors that are suitable for use within healthcare environments. Join us as we discuss the various doors available for these applications.

Automatic sliding doors

Contactless doors are absolutely essential in many healthcare settings including GP practices, hospital wards and emergency facilities. Automatic sliding entrance doors are a fantastic way of reducing contamination as they eliminate the need for visitors to touch door handles and risk becoming unwell. Considering that a single doorknob can spread germs to 60% of workers and visitors within just a matter of hours, it’s clear that reducing the need to touch door handles throughout healthcare facilities is the best way to reduce risk of contamination and prevent spreading illness.

Hospital Trollies

Automatic sliding doors also allow for high-speed and unrestricted access to buildings and areas that need to be accessed quickly and efficiently, such as accident & emergency departments and intensive care units. Additionally, automatic doors are a brilliant way to ensure that buildings and rooms are accessible to those with physical disabilities, which is extremely important in healthcare environments.

Fire resistant doors

Fire doors are a critical component of any public building but are especially important within hospitals due to the high risks associated with medical care and the sheer amount of people that are within the building at any one time. Fire doors help to compartmentalise fire outbreaks and can bide time to evacuate people to safety whilst minimising damage to the hospital itself.

Fire Resistant Door in Hospital

Steel personnel doors

Steel personnel doors are not only crucial for protecting employees, they’re also critical for safeguarding sensitive medical equipment, confidential patient information and pharmaceuticals. We offer a wide range of robust, durable and secure steel doors that are sure to withstand the wear and tear of a high-traffic healthcare environment.

Loading bay systems

Large hospitals and healthcare facilities often need efficient and streamlined loading bay systems to ensure that their essential work is not delayed or interrupted. At Cheshire Industrial Doors, our loading bay systems are designed to streamline the movement of goods by ensuring the smooth loading and unloading of medical equipment and other supplies.

Choosing the right industrial doors

Selecting the most appropriate industrial doors for healthcare settings is absolutely essential to ensuring the necessary level of safety, security and accessibility is achieved. When choosing industrial doors for hospitals and healthcare, meticulous consideration of the various choices can significantly contribute to the overall effectiveness of patient care and facility operations.

At Cheshire Industrial Doors, we offer a diverse range of door solutions; from touch-less access with automatic sliding doors to fire-resistant doors that ensure safety. So no matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help!

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