Top 6 Reasons To Choose Electric Roller Garage Doors

Tue, Mar 5, 2024


If you’re considering investing in brand new garage doors for your home, roller doors are an excellent choice!

Roller garage doors are a fantastic solution to improving the security of your home whilst retaining the aesthetic appeal and homely feel of your property. If you’re struggling to decide between manual or electric roller garage doors, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered our top 6 reasons to choose electric roller shutter doors for your home, let’s dive in.

What are roller garage doors?

Electrically operated roller garage doors vertically roll up and coil at the top of the garage entrance to ensure a sleek, neat and space-saving solution. Our garage doors are equipped with a range of features that improve the safety, security and efficiency of your garage and are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit your home’s appearance and architectural style.

1. Excellent Space-Saving

Roller garage doors are a fantastic option where space is limited. As they roll vertically into a neat, compact coil at the top of the doorway, they maximise the space that you can use to store your belongings and increase the size of vehicles that can enter and exit your garage. Unlike traditional garage doors that swing open and closed, roller shutter garage doors use minimal space to roll up and down. Enabling you to park your car very close to the door without risk of damage or obstruction.

2. Superior Safety & Security

As all of our roller garage doors are fully CE compliant, they feature a dedicated anti-fallback device which prevents the doors from free-falling whilst it is in the open position. This eliminates the risk of injury as a result of motor failure and offers superior peace of mind for you and your home. Additionally, a unique photocell feature detects physical obstructions with an advanced infra-red system that will stop and reverse the door automatically if something is in its way.

Anti-lift devices offer exceptional security against potential intruders by completely preventing the doors from opening when they’re in the fully closed position.

3. Great for Regular Access

Automatic roller shutter garage doors are extremely convenient for those needing to access their garage on a regular basis. Remote control operation ensures quick and easy access at the touch of a button. For homeowners, electric roller doors can be a game changer to their everyday lives as they no longer have to manually operate garage doors when arriving home in the rain after a long day at work!

4. Efficient Energy-Saving

Our roller shutter doors offer superior energy efficiency thanks to their thermal properties that protect your garage from drastic temperature fluctuations. Additionally, a heavy duty extended aluminium bottom profile with a deep rubber seal ensures thermal regulation. Roller garage doors also ensure that your garage is fully protected from adverse weather conditions.

Roller Garage Doors

5. Easy to Maintain

Roller garage doors are extremely easy to maintain and require virtually no maintenance aside from semi-regular cleaning to keep them looking shiny and new! We’d recommend cleaning your doors just once every three months to prevent build up of dirt and debris and to ensure operation remains smooth and seamless.

6. Made to Measure

Our roller garage doors are made bespoke to your needs to ensure a perfect fit and to enable you to choose your favourite colours and finishes. You can also include optional features such as a light grid system, battery back up and low level override, depending on your unique requirements.

And there we have it! Our top 6 reasons for choosing roller garage doors for your home. If you’re still undecided or need our expert advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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