The Different Types of Perimeter Security Gates & Barriers

Wed, Oct 4, 2023


Perimeter security is an integral part of keeping your business safe and protected against unauthorised access.

At Cheshire Industrial Doors, we offer a range of perimeter security gates and barriers for commercial and industrial properties that can help to keep your premises safe and secure. In this article, we’ll delve into the extensive range of security gates and traffic barriers we offer, so you can find the most suitable option for your needs. Without further ado, let’s delve in!

Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers are generally found at the entrances of restricted areas. Thanks to remote operation, they are efficiently opened by security personnel from a control booth to ensure that no intruders or unauthorised people gain entry. Not only do automatic barriers secure the perimeter, they also function as an effective traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic whilst also allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services to pass through.

Height Restriction Barriers

Height restriction barriers are a cost-effective and versatile solution for a range of traffic management, parking and road access needs. As an effective deterrent against unauthorised tall vehicles, these barriers can also prevent potential accidents and damage caused by vehicles that exceed height limits entering unauthorised areas. Height restriction barriers are available in a range of sizes so you can choose the most suitable barrier for your requirements, ensuring efficient and reliable control over vehicle access whilst maintaining safety.

Manual Barriers

Manual barriers are a cost-effective and low maintenance option for businesses and organisations that need to safeguard their premises from unauthorised access whilst retaining manual control. Our manual barriers come in a range of sizes spanning up to 9 metres and allow security personnel to physically regulate vehicle access.

Folding Gates

Folding gates are perfect for those seeking a high-security perimeter solution. If speed is of the essence for your application, our PF9500 Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gates are the ideal solution as they typically open more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size. Meaning that you can ensure fast throughput of traffic whilst maintaining top-level security.

Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are an excellent choice for those who want to ensure that pedestrians don’t gain unauthorised access to your premises. Available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic variants, sliding gates ensure safe pedestrian access whilst maintaining the security of your industrial plant, retail premises or other commercial enterprise.

Sliding Gates

Where the use of conventional swinging gates is not feasible due to limited space, sliding gates are a perfect solution. Space-saving and high-security, we offer a range of sliding gates in automatic and manual variants to ensure you can find the perfect security solution for your premises.


Turnstiles are an excellent perimeter security gate as they are difficult to breach and allow for tightly-controlled pedestrian access. Turnstiles ensure that other pedestrians and passers by can’t gain access via tailgating and provide your security personnel with peace of mind.

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