The Ultimate Guide To Industrial Doors

Fri, Nov 3, 2023


Choosing the best industrial doors for your premises can be a difficult task.

With so many types of industrial doors on the market, choosing the perfect option for your business can prove to be rather tricky! We’re here to help you identify the best option for your premises, based on the characteristics, benefits and advantages of various types of industrial doors. From roller shutters to overhead sectional and fast-action doors, we’ll uncover everything you need to know to make an informed decision!

What are the different types of industrial doors?

Firstly, gaining an understanding of the various types of industrial doors is key to honing down your options and choosing the perfect solution for your needs.

Industrial roller shutter doors are much more sturdy, robust and durable than their domestic counterparts. Available in a range of options including insulated or fire-resistant, roller shutters can provide additional protection from extreme weather conditions and other intense operating conditions that may be necessary in an industrial setting. Additionally, they can be operated both manually or electrically via a range of operating devices including remote control or via a physical key. A big advantage of roller shutter doors is that they can reduce the cost of insurance premiums thanks to their superior security.

Sectional insulated overhead doors are a robust, industrial entry mechanism that offer complete protection against adverse weather conditions thanks to a unique seal that seals both the edges of the door and between each section. Ideal for situations where temperature control is integral to operations, sectional doors are also great for improving the sustainability of industrial plants as they meet the industry standard for insulation requirements.

Fast action doors are designed specifically to combat adverse weather conditions and protect internal facilities from the elements. Our robust and durable range of fast action doors can resist strong winds of up to 160kph whilst also being resistant to the impact of forklifts and other goods handling equipment. These doors allow high-speed access whilst rapidly resealing to provide immediate security once they’ve been used.

Industrial Doors

How do I choose the best industrial door for my application?

Choosing the right type of door for your application requires consideration of various different factors including:

  • Location: Where will your door be located within your premises? If it is an external door, you’ll need to prioritise security and safety features. If it’s an internal door, you may want to choose something less robust but more aesthetically pleasing or perhaps with added safety features such as fire resistance.
  • Purpose: This is a key consideration that is often overlooked. Is the purpose of your door to protect internal machinery from external weather conditions whilst allowing fast access? If you operate a fulfilment warehouse, your needs are likely to differ greatly from an industrial manufacturing plant or haulage facility. Ensure you take time to make your purpose your priority and make decisions accordingly.
  • Control Mechanism: The location and purpose of your door will also impact your preferred control mechanism. Will you need rapid opening and closing of the door? Will you have security personnel operating a manual door? Do you need remote control access? Asking yourself these questions will prevent an oversight and ensure you choose the perfect door for your circumstances.
  • Size: What size do you need the door to be? Think about what will be passing through the door, if it is just personnel you could opt for something smaller but if heavy goods vehicles need access, you must ensure your door has the height and width needed for vehicles to swiftly pass through.
  • Space: How much space do you have behind the door? If you are limited on space, it may be best to consider sectional overhead doors as these will reduce the space required for vehicles and personnel to pass through.

Whether you operate a commercial warehouse, manufacturing plant, distribution facility or something more niche, our extensive range of customisable industrial doors are sure to enhance the efficiency of operations and reduce downtime.

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